Key Products LongShine AMI Solution

Brief Introduction

LongShine AMI solution is an AMI end-to-end solution with highly integrated functions. It follows business framework of overseas utilities, and combines LongShine’s excellent business experience and management practice in China, provides a comprehensive informatization support from the equipment end to the consumer end for utilities. This solution is equipped with abundant function application, unified interface display, highly effective processing performance, and powerful technology platform.

LongShine AMI solution is a powerful tool for the transformation and innovation of overseas utilities, and could help them to enhance revenue recovery, improve operational efficiency and service quality.

Key Features

Product Features

"Bits Drive Watts" Solution

• A comprehensive and end-to-end solution that covers all Meter2Cash business of utilities.

• One-stop service including business consultation, R&D, project delivery and O&M service.

• Build an AMI system with high integration of business, data and applications.

Scalable and Reliable Technology Platform

• An independently developed technology platform featuring high performance, scalability, security and reliability.

• The concept of “Functional Hot-swap Design" brings lower upgrades and maintenance costs.

Flexible Customizable Solution

• Rich and agile development experience from “requirements analysis” to “customization & implementation”.

• A more flexible cooperation model can help reduce investment costs.

Execution Capability and Professionalization

• Focus on utilities business for 20 years.

• Rich experience in management of large-scale projects.

• Use mature methodology to cope with complex situations during implementation.

• Proactive O&M and warranty service system

•  “Help clients achieve great success with our best solution and service” is LongShine’s core operation philosophy ---- we grow with clients!

Product Functionalities

MS/HES:Based on the state-of-the-art AMI technology, highly automated meter operating management.

MDM:Configurable VEE rules groups; anti-tampering management with various subjects’ analysis; multiple types of loss analysis for distribution side.

CRM:Adopts workflow technology for business process from customer acquisition to deactivation, and manages relevant customer lifecycle activities.

Asset:Provides full lifecycle management for assets.

Billing:Billing determinants preparation, unified billing engine, supports multi-rates, TOU, CPP, RTP, step tariff, seasonal tariff and other pricing models.

Collection:Provides integrated multiple payment channels, various dunning strategies to ensure revenue.

Prepay:Supports two Prepay modes such as Prepaid and Prepaid Billing; supports quantity control and credit control.  

MA:Uses diversified graphics to display business themes such as power quality, customer service, asset lifecycle, energy consumption/charges, monitoring enterprise performance in multiple dimensions.

App:Enterprise inner management apps and customer service apps.

Application Achievement

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VEE helps utilities…

Loss Management provides accurate…

Anti-tampering Management provides a powerful…

Diversified payment channels and rich settlement methods help utilities recover charges.

Various risk prevention measures to reduce the risk of charges recovery.

Suitable for mainstream IOS, Android mobile devices

Supports online, offline, online + offline mode

Covers a wide range of APPs such as Meter Acceptance APP, CRMD APP (customer archives maintenance), Meter Reading APP, Revenue Reports APP, and Field Inspection APP.

Preset Classic Industry Subjects

Visualized, Comprehensive and Multi-layered Decision-making Support

Successful Cases

Overview of overseas market distribution

The products have been applied in 10 countries and regions including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Mozambique, Cameroon, Tajikistan and Paraguay, etc. In addition, there are pilot projects in Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Tunisia, Liberia, Suriname and others.