Digital Education Digital Intelligence Class

Analyses of teachers’ and students’ pain points

1. Pain points of schools

Construction of teaching staff (alleviating burdens on teachers) Improvement of students performance (alleviating burdens on students) Individualized resource precipitation and use of schools

2. Pain points of teachers

It is difficult to use the teaching resources conforming to the actual learning status of students. The learning status of students cannot be accurately understood. The class atmosphere is inactive. The communication between parents of students and schools is poor.

3. Pain points of students

The learning status cannot be accurately understood. It is difficult to accurately review after class. There is no plan for systematic weakness improvement.

Teaching requirements of schools

Innovative class and accurate teaching

Taking “data-driven accurate teaching” as the core concept, prepare exclusive teaching plan for school-level accurate teaching, class-level accurate teaching and person-level accurate teaching cooperating with districts, counties and schools.  Relying on AI Intelligence Card (intelligent school-based exercise book) and driving of big data, comprehensively reform the learning mode, alleviate the burdens and improve the quality.

Apply cloud technology in school-based resources, alleviate burdens and improve quality

Relying on normal platform application, taking AI Intelligence Card as a tool, apply cloud technology in district-based/school-based resources and form accurate burden alleviation and quality improvement plan framework, covering the whole teaching process including pre, during and post-class processes. Carry out a process evaluation of comprehensive ability by using the platform, alleviate lesson preparation and assignment correction burdens on teachers, assist learning of students by letting parents monitor burden alleviation of students, and improve teaching quality of schools.