The process of global economic integration has accelerated, and so does the adjustment of industrial structure around the world. At the same time, with the deepening of China's “B&R” policy, the production, operation and marketing patterns of Chinese enterprises are undergoing profound changes, and the voice of foreign trade facilitation is increasingly strong, which brings numerous challenges and opportunities.

Key Products
Industry Trends

“B&R” promotes simpler customs clearance cooperation

Deepen the connection with the customs clearance cooperation mechanism of countries along “The Belt and Road”, further create a good customs clearance environment, deepen the reform of customs clearance integration, and create a more convenient customs clearance environment for “The Belt and Road” construction.

“New foreign trade” brings challenges and opportunities

"New foreign trade" is globalized, diversified, and small and medium-sized. We will promote industrial chain synergy through the Internet + service trade platform, reduce the cost of the industrial chain, and help enterprises form an advantage centered on science and technology, quality, service and brand in international market competition.