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Intelligent Electric Power Affairs Cloud Platform

Product description

With LongShine’s  over-20-year electric power information technology application experience, the intelligent electric power affairs internet platform full of vitality and strength focuses on the electric power operation and maintenance service internet+.  

Intelligent interconnection: The intelligent electric power affairs cloud platform has adopted the high-concurrence multi-protocol self-adaptive internet of things access. It allows operation and maintenance companies to quickly connect offline devices with the platform and enjoy the electric power operation and maintenance internet+ services. 

Convenience and efficiency: Monitor device states anytime and anywhere, pre-judge electric power device operation risks in advance, efficiently deploy operation and maintenance resources, carry out O2O operation and maintenance on the spot and quickly respond to customers.

One step ahead: To let you concentrate on offline electric power operation and maintenance services, we provide a one-stop solution with intelligent internet+ devices for you and help you keep one step ahead of your rivals. 

Key points of the product

Platform value

The intelligent electric power affairs cloud platform provides the electric power affairs operation and maintenance internet+ devices for each operation and maintenance company. Neither much information technology input nor professional internet knowledge are necessary. We can let you enjoy the internet+ technology and bring you the following benefits as long as you continue to provide excellent offline operation and maintenance services.

1. Expand the service scope: Optimize the routine inspection routes, etc. and expand the service scope by online monitoring more things through geographically scattered devices.

2. Provide customer satisfaction: Enhance the operation and maintenance transparency, and let customers know both the device states and the operation and maintenance progress in time, quickly send their feedbacks and learn the problem solving progress.

3. Enhance the quick response ability: Improve the emergency response ability of the operation and maintenance personnel and reduce the device fault rate through some service functions such as beforehand pre-warning and intelligent scheduling.

4. Enhance the operation and maintenance efficiency: Improve the on-the-spot operation and maintenance efficiency by combining the offline operation and maintenance with the internet. Comprehensively understand and control the routing inspection task progress, the urgent repair process and the device states by fully using the operation and maintenance data. Let the operation and maintenance management and control be more accurate and the operation and maintenance decision making be scientific.

5. Decrease the operation and maintenance costs: Enhance the operation and maintenance accuracy and reduce the widespread waste caused by the operation and maintenance through multi-level device risk warning. Meanwhile, reduce the human resource cost by letting the existing employees serve more customers and less employees serve the existing customers. 

Platform functions

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Centralized online monitoring

Graded alarms and multi-level responses

Alarm assessment and multi-level display

Online and offline communication and the O2O operation and maintenance 

Multi-dimensional analyses and decision support 

Intelligent risk judgment and security guarantee

Data mining and report customization 

Platform cooperation

1. The platform can lease its SaaS-based application annually. The operation and maintenance enterprise can pay for the services based on the access points. The platform provides one package service consisting of software and hardware, i.e., a plug and play service. A little investment will lead to great output. The investment of the operation and maintenance enterprise in its platform construction can be saved.

2. The platform can adopt a cooperative operation mode. It can get a percentage of the income of the operation and maintenance enterprise for its services. It helps the operation and maintenance enterprises increase their benefits and reduce its operation risk to zero. The platform enhances the operation and maintenance efficiency.