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Marketized Power Sales System

Product description

LongShine Power Purchase and Sales Integration Platform is based on the Alicloud big data technology. It has adopted the system architecture of “large platform and micro application” and achieved the core functions such as power purchase and sales transactions, customer management, contract design, bidding simulation, load forecasting, deviation control and electric power charge settlement taking the “medium and long term + prompt goods” electric power market as the target. This system can meet the electric power market transaction requirements of each province (municipality). It can also combine the corporate internal application data with the electric power transaction center system and interact with the system in the business transaction aspect to satisfy the corporate establishment, publicity and operation management requirements of the electric power sales company.

Key points of the product

Product characteristics

It is customized according to some market segment and accurately matched with the market rules of each province

According to the electric power market requirements of each province, the platform has accurately matched with local market rules and it supports various transaction types of the electric power sales company in each place such as annual/monthly bilateral negotiation, concentrated bidding and listing.

The multi-mode agreement template supports multiple user signing modes

The platform provides various typical power sales contract templates and self-defined functions to satisfy the flexible signing requirements of the users such as fixed income, minimum guarantee and getting a percentage from the total sales of the power sales company.

Intelligent data analyses and prediction support the power purchase and sales decision making

The “platform + algorithm” mode has been adopted in the development. The configuration can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to various different algorithms such as customer analyses, electric power charge calculation and settlement, power generation cost prediction, social electric power consumption prediction, bidding simulation and the electric power load prediction of users.  

Real-time energy consumption monitoring and pre-warning reduce deviation examination risks

The platform provides the real-time user energy consumption function, the electric power quantity prediction function and pre-warning function and helps electric power sales companies deal with deviation examination.

The large platform and micro application have constantly optimized and upgraded the platform functions

The platform has adopted the “large platform and micro application” system architecture. It can quickly adjust and upgrade the system functions according to the requirements of the change in the electric power transaction market.

Product function

  • Workbench
  • Customer management
  • Electric power purchase management
  • Power sales management
  • Energy consumption management
  • Settlement management
  • Operation analyses

It provides personal workbenches, manages cockpits, provides interfaces and information for various work such as routine work, market dynamics, transaction information, operation statuses, and decision analyses according to the different-level implementation, management and decision requirements of the power sales company.

Function characteristics:

(1) Provide different exclusive interface information and contents for different implementation, management and decision levels

(2) Give pre-warning information on abnormal indexes by using some colors and arrowheads

(3) Give effective reminders on items to be handled, work notices, abnormal indexes, etc.

(4) Highly focus on key indexes to help managers conveniently and intuitively understand the overall situation of sales operation

Comprehensively manage information acquisition and dynamic tracking of various customers such as electric power source providers, potential customers, signed customers and channel providers, and help customers generate many individualized portraits such as operation statuses, comprehensive credit, contract fulfillment ability and risk identification.

Function characteristics:

(1) Comprehensive information management covering basic information, power consumption archive, bank accounts, cooperation history and service records of customer enterprises

(2) Support for full life cycle management including registration management, service management, archive management, evaluation management and cancelling management

(3) Support for management of various customer segments such as major electric power users, park electric power users and efficiency service users

(4) Accurate implementation of customer portraits and effective identification of customer credit and risks

Provide the whole process management of market transaction activities such as annual/monthly bilateral negotiation, concentrated bidding and listing. Give support for decision making of some transactions such as power generation cost prediction and bidding simulation.

Function ;characteristics:

(1) Provide the whole process contract management including electric power purchase contract template formulation, contract signing, implementation and evaluation

(2) Provide the management of transaction processes such as power quantities in demand, forecast power quantities, competitive price declaration and concluding a transaction through bidding

(3) Provide power generation cost prediction, concentrated bidding simulation, auxiliary bidding and power purchase decisions

Provide the whole process contract management including power sales contract template formulation, contract signing, process tracking and result evaluation, and auxiliary support for user power load forecast, deviation examination pre-warning, power quantity distribution and adjustment, etc.

Function characteristics:

(1) Provide power sales contract templates for multiple modes such as fixed income, minimum guarantee and getting a percentage from the total sales

(2) Provide the whole process contract management including power sales contract signing, implementation and evaluation

(3) Provide the load prediction and deviation pre-warning of the real-time user-based electric energy data

Monitor and analyze electric energy data of users in real time, and provide data support for electric load prediction, deviation control and energy efficiency management.

Function characteristics:

(1) Active electric energy acquisition system: It can be connected with the electric energy management system, energy management system, demand side management system and power distribution management system of enterprises through interfaces.

(2) Passive electric energy management system: It can provide daily electric load data, daily power consumption data, monthly power consumption data, production management plans or production KPI data, etc.

(3) Provide 96-dot electric load curve graphs to help users analyze load fluctuations and judge whether the corporate power consumption is normal.

(4) Provide a comparison between the transaction power and the actual power consumption and an automatic deviation pre-warning triggering mechanism.

Provide multiple settlement report forms and subtotals including the report forms of the power grid company settlement, the power sales settlement and the income of the power sales company.

Function characteristics:

(1) According to contract numbers, the settlement information of the corresponding contracts can be acquired and the settlement report forms can be prepared.

(2) Carry out the electric power charge calculation in the directory of the power grid company and compare the post-transaction earnings.

(3) Calculate the power sales revenue, value-added service revenue, etc. of the power sales company.

(4) Carry out the annual bilateral negotiation with electric power users, and all the monthly-bidding electric power quantity and deviation examination and calculation. 

Provide comprehensive statistical analyses for operation revenue, customer development, monthly bidding and customer views.

Function characteristics:

(1) Provide monthly, quarterly and annual multi-time-dimension comprehensive analyses.

(2) Analyze the sales, costs, and deviation examination.

(3) Provide the statistical analyses on the power purchase contract signed by the power sales company and the power source provider.

(4) Provide the statistical analyses on the packages, sales, power consumption, etc. of electric power users.

Application effect

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energy consumption management

electric power purchase management


customer management

power sales management

settlement management

operation analyses