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1. Use of Contents

The contents on the website of LongShine Technology Group Co., Ltd. (the Company) is for personal use only. The Company reserves the right to construe the contents of this website. You shall respect the statements on copyright and other rights in this website and keep the same in the duplicate to the contents of this website. Absence of any statement of right in the contents of this website shall not mean that the Company does not enjoy or claim the legal rights against it. You shall respect the legal rights of the Company to the contents of this website and use such contents legally in the principle of good faith. It is prohibited to modify, copy, publicly display, publish or distribute any content of this website in any form or otherwise use it for any public or commercial purpose. It is forbidden to forward any content of this website to any other website or any other print media or network computer environment for any purpose. The contents and editing of this website are protected by the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and any unauthorized use may constitute infringement upon the copyright, trademark right and other legal rights of the Company. You will automatically be authorized to use the contents of this website if you agree to all the terms under the legal statement. If you reject or violate any of the terms under the legal statement, your authorization to this website will automatically terminate, and you shall immediately destroy any downloaded or printed content of this website.


2. Information Release

The Company neither attaches any form of guarantee to the availability of the information on this website, nor guarantees the absolute accuracy and completeness of any information on this website. Any service, information and solution introduced in this website may be altered or expired at any time without notice. The Company makes no commitment to the timely update of any content of this website.


3. Contents of Users’ Communication

The Company is not responsible for monitoring or reviewing the information sent or mailed by users on this website or the information of any domain exchanged with each other separately, including but not limited to chat rooms, the Company’s blogs or other users’ blogs and any contents of communication. If the aforesaid information involves defamation, privacy infringement, obscenity or any problematic information, the Company shall not assume any liability but reserves the right to delete such problematic information if found.


4. Links to Third-party Websites

The links to third-party websites in this website are for your convenience only. Use of such links means you will leave this website. The Company has not reviewed any third-party websites, has no control over such websites and the contents thereof, and assumes no liability hereto. If you decide to visit any third-party website via the link provided in this website, any possible consequences and risks shall be borne by you.


5. Limits to Liabilities

The Company and the third parties mentioned in this website shall not be responsible for any damage to you in connection with the use of this website, despite the fact that such damage is incurred by the use or inability to use this website, any third-party website linked to this website or the information contained therein, or regardless of any guarantee, contract, infringement or any other legal basis to the claim of such damage, or whether you have been noticed in advance that such damage may occur. If you need to maintain, repair or rectify any equipment or data for the use of any information on this website, you shall bear all the expenses incurred.


6. General Principles

The Company may modify the terms of the legal statement from time to time. You should visit this page frequently to learn about the latest terms since they are closely related to you. All or part of the said terms may also be replaced by other legal notices or terms on any other page of this website.