Digital Agriculture Intelligent Irrigation Solution

Intelligent Irrigation Solution

HanClouds Technology has emphatically built an intelligent agricultural benchmarking project. Facing widespread farms/orchards/garden plants, numerous monitoring points, difficulty to lay wires and supply electric power, etc., HanClouds Technology has integrated the latest industrial internet and cloud computing technology, greatly enhanced the water and fertilizer utilization rate, and achieved the water saving, fertilizer saving, labor saving, high quality, high efficiency, output increase and income increase results.

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Heavy irrigation cost load
Irrigation is a key link of agricultural production. The traditional irrigation mode is mainly based on labor. For large-scale farms/orchards, irrigation usually means a lot of labor cost and time cost.

Irrigation accuracy to be urgently enhanced
The traditional irrigation usually relies on experiences of the workers. Because there is no unified standard for the data measurement, it is very likely to waste irrigation water. Untimely or insufficient irrigation leads to insufficient water supply to plants and then decreases the crop quality and quantity.

Bottleneck of crop quality upgrade
Quality is one of the important factors that make crops stand out to create famous brands. Irrigation influences the final results of the crop quantity and quality to a large extent. The implementation of the comprehensive data-intensive irrigation helps agricultural production solve the quality upgrade bottleneck.

Plan architecture

Plan advantages

Customized research and development

The establishment of the SpringCloud micro-service architecture facilitates the later extension and upgrade. The access mode of HanClouds Industrial Internet Cloud has caused data to be acquired in two directions, which can better meet the timeliness requirements of agricultural scenario data acquisition. The whole system is portable, its operation environment requirements are simple and the system has super strong stability in the agricultural scenario, similar to that in the industrial scenario.

Two-way monitoring

The dynamic acquisition of environment data at multiple points provides scientific data support for accurate irrigation. The second level remote water quantity monitoring can timely find and accurately locate faults of the irrigation system such as pipe burst, water leak and low pressure operation and ensure the efficient operation of the drip irrigation system.

Comprehensive pre-warning

Upgrade the pre-warning push scope based on the traditional water shortage pre-warning push, and adopt highly accurate intelligent weather stations. If any disastrous meteorology or weather such as rainstorm, draught and frost occurs, it will trigger a relevant pre-warning. It can also give a specific meteorological disaster pre-warning according to the model of the crop in some specific field.

Customer case

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Russian intelligent irrigation projects

In June 2018, HanClouds Technology and Russia New Century Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. reached cooperation and they started the construction of a Russian intelligent irrigation project. HanClouds Technology built an irrigation cloud platform and provided a standard gateway independently developed by it to acquire data from various sensors and terminal monitoring devices. It carried out big data analyses and built models for irrigation of the Russian farms, helped the Russian farms comprehensively and intelligently upgrade and reduced the labor cost and water consumption cost of the Russian farm irrigation.