Super APP for Urban Services Beijing All-In-One System

Product description

Taking “serve citizens” as the guiding concept, fully explore the role of the new-type digital city construction in the sustainable development of cities, expand cross-field and cross-department cooperation, increase data information exchange, break inter-department barriers, promote joint business activities and stimulate development of cities in various fields. Meanwhile, Make data become more real-time and comprehensive process data and behavior data through data use by users. Joining hands with the national integrated big data center, provide effective support for city governance and scientific decision making. Giving high priorities to infrastructure intelligence technology application, public service facilitation, refined social governance and developing the industrial economy toward its high end and fully using modern information technology and big data, promote the comprehensive and deep integration of information technology application and city development and create an integrated new-type digital urban people-benefiting service system.

Finally complete the construction of an “intelligent society” ecology system serving citizens, governments and enterprises, realize a comprehensive interconnection pattern integrating Universal Identity System, Universal Data System, Universal Certificate System, Universal Process System and Universal Service System, fully improve citizens’ gain sense and satisfaction and help governments make intelligent decisions.

Key points of the product

Product characteristics

Application effect

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The app “Beijing All-In-One System” has become the uniform inlet of the mobile end of the citywide government affairs services of Beijing. It provides the “internet + government affairs services” fundamental ability including the city-level uniform identity authentication, electronic certificates, aggregate payment and electronic seal.

The resources of the city-level government affairs system are all connected and distributed to comprehensive scheduling and management. They are upward connected with the national government affairs service platform and downward connected with the government affairs service platforms of all the districts and the service systems of all the commissions, offices and bureaus of all the districts. They provide technical standards and specifications, support government affairs services and achieve the national/municipal (provincial)/district (county)/sub-district (township) interconnection.

Up to March 2021,
1. 2,741 urban service items have been handled and over 100 million services have been provided.
2. The uniform authentication platform has been connected with 325 systems of 64 organizations.
3. Real-name users: 21,200,000 natural persons (citizens) and 1,800,000 legal persons.
4. Electronic certificates: 427 certificate types and 107,000,000 certificates have been gathered.
5. Unified payment: 4,727 transactions with a total amount of RMB 866,000,000 were completed within half a year.
6. Access and distribution: 1,783 resources of 122 organizations, including 642 interfaces, 1,139 H5 services and 2 software development kits; the H5 service has been called for 2,030 times and the interface has been called for 184 million times.