Digital Energy Power Marketing Management

Marketing Audit and Monitoring System 2.0

Product description

Relying on the provincial centralized inspection and monitoring platform, combining with the actual situation of the electric power company and integrating the knowledge library and the expert system, the product will strengthen the operation management, enhance the management and control ability and improve the service quality. By deeply exploring the existing business, the product will develop the inspection and monitoring system from the general business monitoring and inspection to the “full-business and whole-process” marketing management and control, continue to improve the working mechanism, enhance the management and examination direction and strive to become a comprehensive marketing and service management platform. 

Key points of the product

Product characteristics

Full coverage of the electric power marketing

Taking the corporate annual marketing operations and the high-quality service task as the center, comprehensively and systematically monitor the key nodes and key variables of the corporate marketing operations and service quality, make the monitoring scope cover the main business of the electric power supply services, make the application scope cover the provincial network, and the district and county power supply stations, make the monitoring contents cover every macroscopic and microscopic level, and comprehensively display the electric power sales market operation and service quality. 

Highly efficient management system

Based on the marketing inspection system, accurately and efficiently establish a marketing inspection and monitoring system and form a normal working mechanism including daily monitoring, weekly notification, monthly analyses, quarterly evaluation and annual examination by combining with the inspection and monitoring service operations.   

Scientific examination and evaluation model

According to the marketing and service work quality evaluation standards, establish a perfect power supply service quality evaluation, management and examination index system and working mechanism, ensure that the service quality is controllable and under control, continue to enhance the service management level, comprehensively improve the customer service ability and the service monitoring ability. 

Concise, intuitive and quick management, report and communication platform

By establishing Views for Leaders, Comprehensive Bulletin Board and Handheld Inspection Tool, select core operation indexes from all the marketing services and provide a quick browse function for Director of the Marketing Department and leaders with higher positions than the director to meet the requirements for the different management levels and management angles and undertake the platform responsibility for management, report and communication. 

Application of the expert system

By integrating the knowledge library, expert system and intelligent business application, design and examine the case library and the index-related factor analysis model, examine the risk point improvement effect evaluation model and comprehensively improve the intelligent decision making ability of the management. 

Visualization and interactive technology

Following the requirements of SG-ERP for “better visualization and stronger interaction”, integrate flash, multimedia, GIS, 3G, 3 dimension technology and other technology, build a visual display technology system and achieve the visual interactive application of the electric power marketing management.

Product functions

Marketing examination case library and index-related factor analyses:Locate the problem source in the problem list with numerous suspected problems by establishing a marketing examination case library, enhance the problem examination and solving efficiency, establish an “intelligent” index-related analysis model, quickly and accurately locate problems and reduce the workload of the analysts.

Service quality monitoring:Ensure the service quality is controllable and under control and continue to improve the service management level by carrying out comprehensive online real-time analyses of the service quality, and enhance the overall customer service ability and the overall service supervision and control ability.

Key market monitoring:Provide electric power supply expansion handling, power consumption data, electric power quantities, electric power charges, electric power charge collection and customer composition of the key market users and other key market monitoring functions.

Service quality evaluation:Establish a sound service quality evaluation index system and evaluation working mechanism, provide a quantified closed-loop management process, improve the customer service quality and enhance the service level of the electric power supply enterprise.

Marketing benchmarking in the industry:Continue to constantly learn from the most competitive rival or widely recognized leader through the benchmarking management, compare and analyze the indexes, understand the gap, look for the best management practice that can be used by ourselves, achieve a virtuous circle with outstanding performance and enhance the marketing level of the power supply enterprise.

Marketing bulletin:Regularly generate various marketing bulletins, understand the phased achievements and existing problems in the marketing operations, highlight the management emphases and improve the marketing work and service quality.

GIS visualization:Provide the function to display service network stations, vehicles, key users, orderly power consumption, power cut information, etc. on the GIS map.

Application in handheld devices:Provide mobile clients to enable users to accurately and intuitively master the marketing operations in real time.

Application effect

1. Build a gradually-accumulative typical user knowledge library system for typical electricity customers of the marketing.  By collecting the relevant cases, reviewing the past experiences and examining the working process evolution, enhance the problem examination efficiency and accuracy of the business personnel, improve their professional skills and examination and handling efficiency, and reduce the risks.

2. Create a dynamic and online management mechanism for the marketing risks by applying the tracking management system of the marketing risk points to provide reference for the management reform of all the marketing specialties, provide direction guidance for specific examination work and provide bases for tracking and evaluating the work quality improvement effect of all the power supply units.

3. Create a highly efficient management system through the normal working mechanism consisting of “daily brief reports, weekly investigation conferences, monthly regular meetings, quarterly evaluation and annual examination”.

4. Relying on the data quality management model, according to the processes of the data quality assessment, data quality analysis, data quality rectification and data quality early warning, search possible data problems in the marketing operations application system by auditing and specially investigating the basic archival information data, the business data and the statistical analysis data. Identify, measure and monitor various possible data quality problems that may arise in all the stages of the data life cycle such as plan, acquisition, storage, sharing, maintenance, application and disappearance, carry out the relevant early warning activities, and improve the data quality by improving and enhancing the organizational management level.

5. By establishing Views for Leaders, Comprehensive Bulletin Board and Handheld Inspection Tool, provide means for quick understanding and control of the operation state.