Industrial Internet HanClouds Industrial Internet Platform

Platform introduction

Facing the development demand of the digital technology, network technology and intelligence technology of the manufacturing industry, HanClouds Industrial Internet Platform has built a service system based on massive data acquisition, aggregation and analyses to support the ubiquitous connection, elastic supply and efficient deployment of manufacturing resources, including three major core layers: margin, platform and application.

Product capacity and services

HanClouds IOT Platform not only remotely controls intelligent products as a cloud command control center, but also has multiple powerful functions, including comprehensively serving intelligent scenarios of the internet of things.

Platform characteristics

Ubiquitous connection

acquisition of all the production factors

Cloud computing application services

cross-industry and cross-field industrial internet PaaS platform services

Knowledge accumulation

data analyses and model precipitation based on an industrial knowledge mechanism

Application innovation

open application acceleration services facilitate millions of APPs

Supportive services

Private cloud

Help enterprises create their own IOT cloud platforms, provide customized independent system deployment and business development and make production management more efficient and safer.

Public cloud

Help enterprises develop high-quality IOT service abilities at low costs, provide device management and data model services and ability modules for production management and SaaS build, and let enterprises be more powerful. 

Mixed cloud

The service mode combining private cloud and public cloud has integrated multiple functions taking the customer demand as the center, formed an optimal solution and help enterprises achieve maximum benefits from its IOT building ability.

Application industries

  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Intelligent agriculture
  • Intelligent education
  • Intelligent buildings
  • New energy

Intelligent manufacturing

Help industrial enterprises rapidly develop their remote connection and management abilities, and help enterprises carry out their remote operation and maintenance services, expand their markets by turning their products into service forms and achieve some rise in the product value.

Intelligent agriculture

Based on the upstream production end of the agricultural production chain, combining emerging technologies such as IOT, cloud computing, big data and internet/mobile internet, empower multiple links of the agricultural production such as seeding culture, irrigation, fertilization, and pest and disease monitoring, and extend the application to multiple agricultural scenarios such as field crops, fruit and vegetable gardens and parks, animal husbandry and culture to help farmers reduce their costs, increase their efficiencies and promote the agricultural industrialization development.

Intelligent education

Relying on the powerful industrial strength and abundant industrial manufacturing project experiences of HanClouds Technology, build a complete intelligent manufacturing teaching laboratory integrating hardware and software, starting from the frontline application scenario, and integrate the actual demand of industries for university education into the ability of HanClouds Industrial Internet Platform.

Intelligent buildings

Taking “let buildings be more intelligent” as the mission and “become the largest open intelligent building platform” as the vision, carefully observe and understand the industry, the quick access ability, various agreement analysis abilities, data processing abilities and massive device access abilities, prompt the intelligent building platform to integrate diversified governance of intelligent community contents into a unified platform and provide more convenient services for users.

New energy

Provide abundant professional cloud business and a technical solution for the new energy industry, help energy operators and service providers quickly build a standardized or customized commercial platform, achieve the flexible development and implementation of the business application and establish new ecology of energy interconnection.

Comments of clients

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Founder/Secretary General of Beijing Internet of Things Technology Application Association Li Jia

“The combination of intelligent agriculture and internet of things technology is the development direction of modern agriculture. HanClouds Platform has accumulated its experience in the industry field. It has extended ‘industrialization standard’ to agriculture and its agriculture ‘industrialization’ concept has set up a new flag of intelligent agriculture development for insiders!

Assistant Dean of the School of Electronic Information of Chongqing Institute of Engineering Chen Chengrui.

“The ability of HanClouds Industrial Internet Platform is very strong. On one hand, it has helped the specialized laboratory and makerspace of our school intelligently upgrade, promoted digital access of the experiment equipment, facilitated the research work of the students, improved their study effectiveness, and promoted incubation of the innovation and entrepreneurship projects. On the other hand, it has simultaneously provided open API and an open source community, turned them into experiment platforms on which teachers and students research the cutting-edge technology of the industrial internet, and enhanced the specialty construction and talent cultivation levels.