New Energy New Electricity Approach

Product introduction

New Electricity Approach is a new-generation intelligent urban compound charging service platform. Taking technology and an efficient operation system as the core competitive force, it provides better user experience for charging operators. It is a platform with lower costs, shorter access time, more convenient operation management and the largest regional traffic. The platform has gathered over 200 charging operators, over 10,000 charging stations, over 110,000 charging piles and over 500,000 registered users, and covered over 260 cities all over China. 

Besides, New Electricity Approach has joined hands with Alipay, Gaode Map and provided one-key scan charging service. It has introduced the “sesame and ant” (Sesame Credit + Ant Credit Pay) system standard of Alipay and started a new credit charging mode. New energy vehicle owners can charge their vehicles by scanning an Alipay QR Code at a charging station or charging pile within a certain area and they can enjoy a convenient experience service — a “charge your vehicle now, pay later” service. 

Product Advantages

Taking advantage of the internet of things and mobile internet technology, New Electricity Approach provides safe and convenient charging services for electric vehicle users, and one-key charging services such as the code scanning and charging vehicle service, the plug and charge service, marketing campaigns, and operation and maintenance monitoring for charging pile manufacturers and charging facility operators. New Electricity Approach establishes charging service and operation platforms sharing ecology for different types of operators. The services of New Electricity Approach can meet diversified charging demands such as charging at bus stations, charging of enterprise groups, online hailing car charging and private car charging, energize enterprises and provide innovative “intelligence + charging facility” services.

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