Digital Government All-In-One System for Governments and Enterprises

Product description

All-In-One System for Governments and Enterprises adheres to and implements a new development idea, promotes high-quality development of enterprises, focuses on solving difficulties to finance and the high financing cost problem, provide one-stop SME policy information services for SMEs, accelerates the implementation of a new service process in which one application needs to be submitted once, all operations are done online and the whole process is quickly handled. Establish a normal communication and link mechanism between governments and enterprises, set up a new-type relation between the government and the enterprise, promote the government affairs service standardization, and improve the innovation and entrepreneurship environment. Achieve the integration, diversification, precision and intelligence technology application in the government affairs and enterprise affairs handling processes. 

Key points of the product

Product characteristics

Application effect

Form one platform for the fundament, one inlet for the services, one map for the management, one support for the data and one name card for the city.

(1)Formulate a unified plan, carry out intensive construction, continue to integrate and save investment.

(2)Break down information silos, achieve interconnection and all-in-one services, accurately adapt policies, promote industrial innovation and improve corporate gain sense.

(3)Activate data resources of enterprises, provide data support for scientific management of governments and promote corporate governance and innovation, and government service upgrade.

(4)Provide a mobile communication cooperation management platform, agilely cooperate, safely communicate and improve corporate internal operation efficiency.

(5)Set up a virtuous interaction mechanism between governments and enterprises, continue to optimize the business environment, promote development of enterprises and create a city brand.

Successful case

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Shunde “24h Enterprise Service Platform”:
(1) Complete book of one-stop customized all-weather enterprise services.

(2)Handle government affairs with “fingertips”, solve difficult problems and promote development.

(3)Open, sharing, flexible, configurable and scalable cloud shopping malls.

(4)User portraits empower accurate preparation and “make every enterprise have its unique portrait”.

“Enterprise Benefiting System” Wuxi Merchant Online Platform
Take data intelligence as the core, create a new enterprise benefiting operation service mode, and build the enterprise benefiting operation and cooperation service ecology.
(1)One archives for one enterprise :Data sharing breaks “data barriers” and reduces the inter-department circulation cost of an enterprise for handling some affairs.
(2)One policy for one enterprise :Policies are formulated to provide better services and are labeled. Enterprises look for policies according to their demands. Governments accurately adapt their policies.
(3)One portrait for one enterprise:Prepare a portrait for an enterprise, clearly understand demands of the enterprise and implement the “data-driven” accurate policy adaptation and services.
(4)Empowering each enterprise:The industrial chain cooperation and the finance-aided loan service empower enterprises to complete their digital transformation, upgrade and development.