Smart TV OTTTV Solution

Product description

Due to the influence of the internet gene, OTT has become more suitable for household intelligent internet and it has helped create household internet ecology. Therefore, in recent years, more and more operators and users have selected it. When traffic increases explosively, the support for concise, convenient and open platform need to be developed and the platform can be used to connect with the whole industrial chain and provide a complete virtuous, transparent and monitored development environment at the same time. 

The internet television platform of YSTen has provided an end-to-end technological platform solution for internet television service operators. After the policy supervision becomes manageable and controllable, the operation demand of new programs and new business should be fully considered. Based on standardized open interfaces, build the terminal and rear-end platform capability and help the CP content be quickly used. Meanwhile, output the visual operation ability, flexible billing ability, data analysis and operation ability, etc., empower the industrial partners, and provide an internet television market for the virtuous development and joint development and expansion of the industry chain. Provide professional and multiple operation service ability data for the operation market and help clients reach high business targets.