Digital Urban Operation City Operation Center

Product description

A city operation center is a city’s brain, central system of operation and commanding center. It is a systematic construction project to improve the city management means, management mode and management concept innovation. It is inevitable to enhance the city service ability and the modernized management level, further strengthen the city’s competitive force and initiate the city modernization construction. 

Achieve the green sustainable development of the city by establishing a city operation center and scientifically applying resources of the city. Dynamically comprehend the citywide situation and ensure the city’s security and order. Make an effective overall plan for digital transformation of the government and the operation efficiency improvement of the city. Comprehensively and thoroughly understand the overall situation of the city and promote the high-quality development of the economy and society.  

Product characteristics

General service platform

Further enhance the use efficiency of various resources by gathering, opening, sharing and systematically using the public resources and basic abilities of the city. Enhance the work efficiency and public service level of the government departments and promote the government transformation from a management-type government to a service-type government. 

Decision making commander in chief

Build a comprehensive command system for city operation with the horizontal line reaching the edges and the vertical line reaching the bottom, and form the intelligent city analyses, assessment, decision making and command abilities.  

Overall system integration

Build an urban fundamental ability sharing center by making full use of new-type intelligent city construction achievements. Based on this, integrate various business system such as social governance of urban areas, urgent management and city management, and improve the current “vertically strong and horizontally weak” situation of the information technology application. 

Great cooperation in business

Promote the business process optimization, process reengineering and management innovation through vertical, horizontal and virtual reality global cooperation and interaction, achieve cross-level, cross-department and cross-region cooperative co-governance and efficient services, and improve the governance efficiency and city service efficiency of various cities. 

Great data integration

Build the digital application scenario for urban service and management through the dual-wheel driving: demand traction and data integration.