FinTech Digital finance service platform

Digital finance service platform

Product introduction

The data have shown that there is a perfect positive correlation between regional finance and regional economic development, complementarity and a positive correlation between the regional industry structure and the financial capital flow and a positive correlation between the regional financial cooperation integration service level and the economic level. However, there has been an obvious gap in the regional financial system and a clear gap between the regional financial system and the industrial economy for a long time. Big data and financial assets are static and can be searched. They are not measurable and transferrable shared digital asset operation elements. The digital engineering cannot fundamentally solve the inefficient operation problem of the industrial economy. Credit imbalance phenomena are widespread and the inclusive finance is difficult to implement.

Responding to the demands, the digital financial service platform appeared. It has connected the industrial economy and the financial system by using an internet platform as a bond, enhanced the investment conversion rate, accuracy rate and efficiency of capital and widespread connectivity by sharing the financial ability of high-quality enterprises, and promoted efficient operation of the industrial economy activities. The platform has organically gathered the innovative fintech system of the innovative elements (infrastructure, markets and collaborator environments), which is composed of the digital financial infrastructure consisting of a data privacy security sharing network and the digital fintech brain, the digital financial market, digital asset transaction, the application environment consisting of the financial credit evaluation and the consensus system, and the relevant ecology. 

Product introduction

Trade Credit Aid

Based on abundant business accumulation of the platform in the foreign trade industry and the industrial ecology advantages, create the new ecology of the industrial internet finance services serving the foreign trade industry. 

Urban Credit Aid

Based on the urban internet platform group ecology, create the new ecology of the digital city-oriented urban finance aiming to really benefit the people and enterprises by modernizing the finance. 

Industry Credit Aid

Based on the powerful capability and abundant ecology of the industrial internet field of the platform, create the new ecology of the industrial finance facing the economic operation and circulation of the industrial enterprises (individuals).