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Business consulting

Focusing on electric power companies and public utilities and relying on the overall advantages of the group company, LongShine Consulting develops its own professional consulting ability. Taking helping electric power companies and public utilities enhance their operation efficiencies as the mission, provide comprehensive business consulting services.

Adhering to the “customer-centric” service concept of the electric power enterprise, divide customers into different customer groups based on their characteristics and purposefully establish a customer service system to meet the diversified energy consumption demands of different customer groups.

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction based on the business optimization, optimize and improve the relevant flows of electric power enterprises and public utilities through the key business, achieve intelligent management and promote the business system upgrade by combining advanced technology such as big data and AI.

Closely following the electric power market dynamics, constantly enhance the market competitive force of electric power enterprises. Based on analyses of the big data, consider the diversified electric power consumption demands of users. Based on these, formulate the market and operation system of the corresponding service strategies, comprehensively consider the user side energy consumption characteristics and build a comprehensive energy service system.


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