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Product description

Intelligent Community is an efficient property management service platform. It closely connects property and home owners by using Alipay and DingTalk, an applet. A property management company can efficiently manage an apartment complex and timely respond to requirements of home owners through the platform. Meanwhile, the home owners can better enjoy services of the property management company.

Besides, the business capability of Alibaba expands the scope of the property management service, provides more better services, upgrades services of the property management company and enhances satisfaction of the home owners. The long-term operation can bring the property management company some brand appreciation benefits.  

Key points of the product

Product characteristics

Product functions

Basic services of Alipay Intelligent Community

Comprehensively provide high-quality basic service support for intelligent communities in the four aspects: property management fee payment, incident and repair reports, community announcements and archive management.

Property effectiveness improvement services

Comprehensively improve the community service effectiveness of property management companies in the six aspects: intelligent billing, payment receiving through all channels, passage of visitors, yellow pages for convenience of the home owners/voting of home owners, “four major services”/quality management, and device management. 

Intelligent device construction

Provide intelligent device construction for many functions of apartment building complexes such as security monitoring, unattended/sidewalk boom gates, unattended/Alipay non-inductive parking, face recognition door control, parking locks, charging piles for battery-operated motor cycles, charging piles for electric vehicles and intelligent elevator control. 

Intelligent system construction

Comprehensively provide construction of the intelligent system including intelligent fire and patrol inspection, intelligent central air-conditioning, intelligent security guards and intelligent buildings.

Application effect

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Management visualization

The daily patrol inspection work, incident and repair reports and responses to the reports, work contents and quality of employees of property management companies can be comprehensively visualized. The shortcomings of property management and the unnoticed work scopes of employees can be found by using the visualized data. The performance of employees can be used to stimulate employees to improve their service quality.  

Cost controllability

The labor expenses and consumable expenses arising from property repair and maintenance can be apportioned among some specific items (public items or a specific account). On one hand, the repair and maintenance costs of devices can be accurately controlled and they can be used as effective evidences to prove whether some devices should be scrapped ahead of schedule. On the other hand, the expense calculation becomes more accurate, property management companies can formulate reasonable strategies to control major expenses and save the management cost of property management companies. Besides, after the relation is established, the repair cost of each device will be calculated independently. If a device is frequently repaired, some relevant countermeasures can be taken to enhance the management efficiency.  

Simplification of billing and payment promotion

This product provides an intelligent billing module. The module can automatically calculate the property management fee that should be paid by each household according to a preset formula. It automatically include the payment of each home owner in a corresponding payment period to facilitate the financial work. Meanwhile, it provides payment reminders through multiple channels such as Alipay, WeChat and text messages to further improve the payment rate of the property management fee.  

Effective improvement of commercial values

The information about each household of an apartment building complex managed by a property management company can be included in the big data. The commercial value of a property management company can be effectively expanded through accurate advertising and a good business model. Closely combining the excellent offline exposure positions and the online traffic, with close online and offline interaction, the product brings a good business model and new income growth points to property management companies. 

Successful case

At present, 32 provinces, over 130 cities and over 3,000 apartment building complexes have used Yunzhu Intelligent Community and achieved good results in China. Long-term cooperation relations with over 5,000 property management companies have been established nationwide. Hengji Property of Yunnan said: “The work efficiency has increased by 15%, the payment rate of the property management fee has gone up by 10%, and the interaction with home owners has increased by 40%”. Changzhou Jintan Xinsheng Property Management Co., Ltd., Hunan Branch of Shanghai Fuxin Property Management and Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinxinqiao Property Operation and Management Co., Ltd. and other high-quality property management companies are also clients of Yunzhu Intelligent Community.