Smart Grid and Utilities Living Payment Solution

Smart Grid and Utilities Solution

Product introduction

Taking “let everybody enjoy convenient services” and “let every family save energy” as the product mission, the living payment platform provides easy-to-operate daily living payment and service experiences including running water fee payment, electric power charge payment, gas payment, community property management fee payment and broadcasting and TV broadband fee payment for numerous ordinary people, help traditional public utilities and enterprises enhance their internet application and promotion and improve the enterprise operation efficiency and competitive force.

Key points of the product

Application effects

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The agency having access to the living payment platform has greatly reduced the pressure on the local service halls of the agency, enhanced the payment account handling efficiency, improved the users’ payment experiences of the agency. The payment can be completed only by tapping on phones.

An agency having individualized demands can customize development. The menu access link can be placed in the agency’s independent living account. Some auxiliary operation means or some Alipay payment pages can be used to gain traffic and absorb fans for the agency’s account and promote the business growth.

Combining the agency’s actual conditions, carry out multiple operation activities according to the actual situations and obtain excellent effect feedbacks. The agency is praised while it brings benefits to users.

Product characteristics

Standardized access

Provide middleware for the agency-side standard access, ensure the standard access and quick implementation, and reduce the ISV restrictions. Ensure quick access of agencies or ISV. Help agency users conveniently carry out living payment on an Alipay platform.

One-key-enabling intelligent withholding function

A user can online sign a contract with an agency on the payment page by using this function. After the contract is successfully signed, the agency is authorized by the user and it automatically calls an Alipay withholding interface and withholds the user’s living arrearage when the user begins to have the living arrearage. 

Huge traffic + abundant operation ability

You can simultaneously have huge user traffic of the Alipay platform, support various marketing activities, absorb users and carry out some traffic transformation. 

Product functions

Payment function: Carry out the user payment function and verify the transactions in real time through the living payment interface of Alipay and the interface with the agency built by the background.

Withholding function: After the withholding function is enabled, the living bill including running water fee, electric power charge and gas bill can be paid automatically to prevent overdue fine from being generated.

Operation activities: Support the configuration with strong marketing ability, promote the amount per transaction of the user payment, reduce the payment pressure on the service halls through some activities and receive payment through the online platform.

Living account customization development: Provide some customization ability according to the agency’s features. Complete more abundant extension of the living account related to payment services, develop the derivative business and value-added business and achieve the operation revenue growth according to the agency’s characteristics. 

Successful cases

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Living account Case — Hubei Electric Power

Besides the basic payment function, Hubei Electric Power has added some customized menu entries to the living account such as electric power charge withholding, balance enquiry, payment records and daily electric power consumption enquiry. Combining the usual advertorial push and these value-added function application, Hubei Electric Power has increase many fans of its living account. 

Payment Platform Case H5 — Sichuan IC Card Gas Meter

Sichuan IC Card Gas Meter sends text messages to users only after the electric power IC card is topped up. However, a standard payment platform has only the payment function and it cannot meet the requirements of Sichuan Electric Power. After the H5 page customization development was carried out, the rechargeable card mode + mobile phone notification function was achieved. 

payment platform case — Suzhou Power Supply Company

The access of the payment platform has facilitated the electric power charge payment of Suzhou citizens. After they bind their Alipay accounts to their electric power charge accounts, they can find their arrearages every month and directly pay for their electric power consumption on the Alipay platform.