Transportation Intelligent Travel Solution

Overall introduction

Combine abilities of cloud computing, big data, AI and Gaode Map, create an intelligent transport solution, empower the traditional transport industry, build intelligent transport brains and enhance the urban transport governance and planning levels. Integrate over 100 types of data, solve the “data silo” and “information silo” problems, complete the whole-process data governance, build a transport algorithm library and achieve the virtuous accumulation of the transport center. Build an intelligent transport commanding center integrating five major functions: information guiding, professional scheduling, standardized operation, whole-process supervision and extensive publicity. 

Trend analysis

Intelligent transport has become an important breakthrough for the intelligent city construction. At present, viewing from the application maturity angle, video monitoring has completed the most mature and most complete semantic and structured image and video data processing. No matter whether it is used as an intelligent video monitoring system for vehicles engaged in road transport or electronic police, it is a field with the deepest application. Intelligent transport has been a technological field in which it is the first to solve the data application bottleneck in the current emerging technology and application field.

1.Integrate multi-source data, perceive the full-range transport operation state and find change of the transport operation state in real time.

2.Exchange data for police effort: The qualitative commanding and scheduling has been turned into the quantitative commanding and scheduling and the passive police investigation has been changed into the active police investigation.

3.Support for multiple practical business scenarios: transport jam remission, transport order maintenance, major event guarantee, etc.

4.City Brains of Hangzhou, Shanghai, etc. — Intelligent Transport Service has been quickly implemented and low-cost quick results have been achieved.

Professional challenges

Scenario of the solution

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Evaluation of transport situation

Evaluate and analyze the urban transport situation by integrating, analyzing and deeply mining multi-source data, provide relevant indexes such as passage efficiency, running velocity and queuing length, provide intelligent monitoring devices and warning devices for area, road and intersection monitoring and provide data support for deep analyses, research and judgment.

Transport incident perception

Comprehensively perceive various urban transport incidents in real time by integrating the data on internet transport incidents, incidents identified through videos and transport jam incidents identified by the human brain, and provide real-time warnings, incident query, incident statistics and other functions.

Transport signal optimization

Quickly identify low-efficiency intersections, evaluate signal lamp operation efficiency, automatically generate suggestions on optimizing the key intersection signal lamp configuration for isolated intersections and subareas, including real-time optimization, offline multiple plans, offline multi-period signal optimization and the effect evaluation before and after the optimization.

Intelligent transport guidance

Send effective information (transport incident information, jam information, etc.) to travellers through multiple channels in real time, including basic information guidance, destination-oriented route guidance and alternative route guidance. Rationally and dynamically distribute transport flow in the road transport network in the time and space aspects while shortening the travelling time of travellers.

Solution architecture


By adopting the mixed cloud architecture, ensure the data security while ensuring the data transmission performance through a dedicated traffic police video network and the transport industry cloud.

Architecture characteristics

1)Light weight: Use the public cloud resources and it is not necessary to carry out the local heavy asset construction.

2)High security: A special line is used to interconnect and ensure data stability and security.

3)High experience: SAAS+DAAS provides multi-scenario intelligent application and data services

Plan advantages

Gaode internet data

Provide abundant Gaode internet data, including road condition data (vehicle speed, travel time, etc.), origin-destination (OD) data and internet incident data. In a medium city, over 100,000,000 groups of data are sent every day. Combine the data with the traffic police side data, analyze the data, and provide more comprehensive and more accurate transport parameters and indexes.

Unified road network centers

Based on the unified multi-source data integration, considering from the transport angle, build a road network structure applicable to big data analysis scenarios, and code all the standard definition and high definition maps in a unified way. Connect and manage facilities and devices of unified expression networks, and analyze and mine historical data in real time. 

AI visual intelligence

The large-scale real-time AI visual intelligence capability has integrated the world-leading AI visual intelligence technology. It is usually very compatible with the external devices. It can accurately calculate the incoming video stream on a large scale in real time, and identify various transport parameters and dozens of types of transport incidents. 

Multi-dimensional intelligent models

Provide multi-dimensional intelligent models for different transport application scenarios, including multi-scenario signal timing optimization (isolated intersections, road sections, subareas, etc.), transport organization optimization, real-time important vehicle supervision and intelligent guidance.

Client cases

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Metro Metropolis of Shanghai Metro
Metro Metropolis is developed by Bang Dao Technology. At present, it is the most complete and authoritative “metro+” internet service platform in Shanghai. It aims to let travel by metro be simpler and more efficient.

Shanghai Parking
Led by Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission and Shanghai Municipal Road Transport Administrative Bureau, the app “Shanghai Parking” developed by Bang Dao Technology has been put into operation online, covering over 4,300 public parking lots (garages) and parking lots of toll roads, including about 890,000 public parking spaces. It supports the following eight service modules: Parking Navigation, Parking and Transfer, Junction Station Parking, Avoiding Peak Hours and Sharing, Parking Payment, Parking Reservation and Service Announcement.