Digital Energy Power Marketing Management

Marketing application system

Product description

Combining the products with the innovative practice of the current industrial information technology application and promotion, the typical experiences and development trend of energy utilities, referring to and using advanced service concepts and information communication technology such as internet+, cloud computing, big data application, internet of things, mobile application and AI, the product will create a new-generation electric power marketing application system, covering customer services, meter reading management, electric power charge calculation, electric power supply expansion management, measuring management, electric power sales, line loss management, electric power utilization check, archive management, auxiliary analyses and decision making. It will deeply and seamlessly integrate various parts of the corporate internal system such as distribution network production, power grid scheduling and, corporate human resources and property management software ERP, efficiently connect with the agencies that receive payment on behalf of the company such as banks and effectively use the online service channels outside of the company such as Alipay and WeChat. Strive to achieve the modern electric power marketing, operation, management and control ability including high-level information sharing, high-level business collaboration, real-time online management and control, and automatic intelligent analyses and decision making. 

Key points of the product

Product characteristics

The scientific and pragmatic information management model

supports one account with multiple addresses, one address with multiple meters, one meter with multiple prices, main meters, sub-meters, supply transfer, prices, amounts, time, tiered pricing, seasons, bill consolidation, payment separation and other complex calculation relations, and it is the visual management of the topological relation between the complex power grid equipment and customers. 

The comprehensive customer management

reveals information on customers in 360 degrees, enhances transparency and visibility of customer information. The customer life time management is carried out in the whole processes of market, sales and services. 

The outstanding and flexible computing power

meets the computing and processing requirements of massive concentrated highly-concurrent data and the flexible expansion requirements of the data storage capacity and data computing power. 

The all-channel interactive service ability

meets the interactive service requirements of the online channels such as mobile terminals, APP, Alipay, Wechat and banking, and the offline channels such as business halls and agencies that receive payment on behalf of the company, and enhances the service operation quality and efficiency, and reduces the service operation costs. 

Deeply combine the business with the cooperative scheduling

Applying the internet + advanced service concepts and the key technology, use the O2O interactive services, the service scheduling operation, the marketing, power distribution and scheduling data sharing and information integration, the end business integration and other methods to deeply integrate the traditional marketing services and the business mode, and comprehensively strengthen the service cooperation, service management and control, and the service operation ability. 

The real-time visual management and control of all the business

Comprehensively and deeply carry out the real-time visual monitoring, management and control of the marketing services and corporate operations by establishing some topic analyses for all the marketing operations and an index management and control system for all the marketing operations. 

Product functions

Customer services:The customer services include electric power supply expansion management, fault report and repair, customer complaints, accusations from customers, suggestions, praises, information consulting and business query. The services also include some active services such as return visits to customers, service notification, planned power cut notification, payment reminders and electric power consumption checks.

Meter reading management:The meter reading management includes multiple meter reading forms such as manual meter reading, meter reading by using a handheld device and remote automatic meter reading. It also includes automatic calibration and re-checking services.

Electric power charge calculation:The electric power charge calculation provides flexible algorithms, sound audit rules and outstanding asynchronous calculation ability to meet the concentrated, efficient, complex and changeable billing requirements.

Electric power supply expansion management:The electric power supply expansion management provides configured service rules, audit rules, and flow and transfer strategies. Taking the customers as the center, it flexibly and efficiently supports the electric power service operation including device installation for new users, increasing power consumption capacities and power usage mode change.

Measuring assets management:The measuring assets management is management and monitoring of the whole flow including registration of received measuring assets, measuring asset acceptance, tests, warehousing, delivery, device installation, device operation, device removal and asset retirement.

Electric power sales services:We provide standardized, safe and stable electric power sales services by unifying and highly integrating card reading, writing and password management services to meet the requirements of multi-channel electric power sales.

Line loss management:The line loss management includes the calculation and verification of the line loss rate and planned line loss indicator fulfillment of substations, power lines, transformers, measuring devices and electricity customers.

Electric power consumption inspection:The electric power consumption inspection includes periodic inspection, special inspection, illegal power consumption management, electric power theft management, operation management, electrical safety management, electric power consumption personnel qualification management and high-risk and important customer safety management.

Archive management :The archive management is management of the electronic archive of the basic electric power marketing data such as customer profiles, power grid resources and electric power price parameters.

Auxiliary analyses and decision making:By analyzing the application of the information flow of the marketing layer, the customer service layer and the analysis and decision making layer, we provide the auxiliary decision making information on service quality, market operation, market forecast, dynamic study, etc.

Application effect

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Typical case: the Marketing Operations Application System of Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation

Service Architecture of the Electric Power Marketing Operations Application System

Application Architecture of the Electric Power Marketing Operations Application System

Key technology: Billing Management Engine

Key technology: Business Management Engine

Systematic Application Effect

Successful case

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Focusing on providing the technology and services of the information technology application system of the public utility field business, LongShine Technology Group Co., Ltd. provides efficient leading IT solutions and services for global energy enterprises and public enterprises. At present, it has established a firm leading advantage in the marketing management information technology application construction of the domestic electric power industry.  It has successively established electric power marketing application systems for the electric power companies of many provinces (municipalities and regions) such as Zhejiang, Hubei, Gansu, Shanxi, Shandong, Jilin, Qinghai, Fujian, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hebei and Guangzhou.